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The un-beet-able root
8 July 2020

It’s beetroot season, and you can find an array of juicy beets from baby beetroots to colourful beet bunches on Good Food Exeter online farmers market. Our beets are grown by farmers who care about the environment, and they are all grown less than 30 miles from Exeter (most of them are grown right on the city’s doorstep!).

Beetroots’s ancestors were initially cultivated in North Africa, and spread thanks to ancient Greeks and Romans who loved beets. Beetroot is now ubiquitous and can be found in most countries. Beets prefer cooler temperatures, and the UK has the perfect climate to produce sweet beets most of the year.

I am a big fan of beetroots, they are a truly versatile vegetable that is just lovely raw in salads, roasted, added in dips and in soups. As our beets are fresh from the farm, they are delivered in bunches with their leaves, which are edible and can be added to lots of salad and dishes too. Beetroot are extremely good for you too. 

Unsure what to do with your beets?  Here are some of my favourite recipes:

You can find lots of beets, carrots, raspberries and chickpeas on Good Food Exeter online farmers Market. And you can meet our producers here.

Written by Julie Smith for Good Food Exeter