About Us

Good Food Exeter is taking a summer break- we will be back on 1st of September.

Good Food Exeter was formed in April 2020. People who were also involved in the creation of local charity Food Exeter saw the need for a not-for-profit trading company that could support their ambitions to bring healthy, sustainable food to all at affordable prices. Good Food Exeter has therefore been set up to carry out projects that Food Exeter, as a charity, cannot be involved with, but the two organisations share very similar goals.

Good Food Exeter goals are to:

  • Help local businesses that produce quality local food, with care for the environment and animal welfare, to find more local customers
  • Get the great food produced around Exeter to local people at affordable prices
  • Support existing and encourage the start up of more local sustainably produced food businesses of all kinds in Greater Exeter

Our Directors

Good Food Exeter is a Community Benefit Society, registered number 8391, with three Directors: Dominic Acland, Iona Collins and Lynn Wetenhall. All three are closely involved in the work of Food Exeter charity, with Lynn and Iona being Trustees of Food Exeter.

Lynn Wetenhall. Lynn’s varied career, spanning setting up her own restaurant, working in local government and management consultancy, has been tied together by the thread of her commitment to sustainability. She brings her specialist knowledge of and passion for collaboration across sectors to Good Food Exeter.  Lynn is a Trustee of Food Exeter, and co-founder of Exeter Green Space Network and Ludwell Life.

Dominic Acland. Dominic has spent the last 30 years connecting people with nature and setting up social enterprises to do that, especially through food.  He founded Occombe Organic Farm in Torbay in 2006, was part of the team that founded Exeter’s Real Food Store in 2010 and since 2015 has been advising community enterprises and projects across Devon on building resilient communities based on local, sustainable principles.  He is currently collaborating with Food Exeter and others on the development of a South West Good Food Network and an Exeter Local Food Centre.

Iona Collins. Iona has a background in community work particularly within sustainability and education. She has experience running small charities and businesses, and working with universities and schools both professionally and as a school governor. Iona is also a baker and she currently manages The Sidwell Street Bakehouse, a community sourdough bakery, connecting people with nutritious, sustainable and local food at affordable prices. She is a Trustee and co-founder of Food Exeter charity.